Virtual Okuni

Working with local director and choreographer Yayoi Hirano for her production of Okuni – Mother of Kabuki (2017), we took one of the show’s dances and made a short motion capture at The Sawmill. With the assistance of Steampunk Digital, we created a 3D model of the mask used in the performance that was added to the dancing avatar recorded at The Sawmill.

Structure Sensor scan of Bufon mask

Combining these digital elements together, the Steampunk Digital Dojo worked on the virtual stage and other theatrical parts of the performance. There was an effort made to create a digital version of the yukata costume worn during the performance (not part of The Sawmill motion capture) using CLO4 avatar costuming, but it proved challenging to get the clothing to match the movement of the dance.

Still from YouTube video upload by UBC Media Relations

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Educational Technology Researcher Instructor of Literacy Education & Emerging Media

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