Virtual Globe Project

Starting in the second term of the Master of Educational Technology program at UBC, my main goal was to create a classroom resource that makes an immersive experience out of Shakespeare’s play. Based on the design of the original Globe Theatre constructed in 1599 in London, England, this virtual replica would be a place toContinue reading “Virtual Globe Project”

Virtual Okuni

Working with local director and choreographer Yayoi Hirano for her production of Okuni – Mother of Kabuki (2017), we took one of the show’s dances and made a short motion capture at The Sawmill. With the assistance of Steampunk Digital, we created a 3D model of the mask used in the performance that was addedContinue reading “Virtual Okuni”

Spacious Mirror

One must see oneself

Calico Rico Life ♦︎ カリコ・リコ・ライフ

Re-fresh ideas for busy mind 癒しが必要な心へのメッセージ