Shakespeare Tutor

Book a session with Dr. Kyle Stooshnov to discuss any topic you have from UBC courses related to Shakespeare’s plays, plus Early Modern English/Renaissance contemporaries, ancient sources and current adaptations

Dr. Kyle Stooshnov is a graduate of Language and Literacy Education with a focus on Shakespeare’s plays and digital media. More info about his academic work is found on the website

In-person Session

Kyle will meet with you on campus to determine which play you are studying, assignments you have, and other interests in Early Modern English drama.

Intro session$30
Weekly meetings$60/hr
One-time rate$75/hr

Online Sessions

If you prefer to meet online, similar rates apply, and a range of video conferencing sessions are available. A link to weekly sessions will be sent to you. One-time rate of $70/hr also applies here.

Online intro$30/hr
MS Teams$60/hr
Google Meet$60/hr

Clubhouse Chat

Coming soon. Once there are enough members who express an interest in the free online social audio app, Kyle will set up a room for anyone to drop in and listen to a discussion about any of the plays Shakespeare wrote.

Please select a time when you are able to listen, and based on most requested, spaciousmirror will create a room and send a reminder to interested listeners.

Weekdays at noon$0
Weekday evenings$0
Weekend mornings$0
Weekend afternoons$0

“When such a spacious mirror’s set before him, He needs must see himself.”

— Maecenas from Antony & Cleopatra V.i, 34-5

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